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Dear cat lovers,
September 2010

After my previous plans last year to stop breeding, this is now final. Given my own age, and of course the hard work with little kittens ( especially whites ) it is all too much for me now. For 40 years I have

done this with a lot of fun and now it’s with pain in my heart that I’m going to stop. But my mind says it’s time. There is a time to come , and there is a time to go. Of course I keep my cats as long as I can .I hope this is going to be a long time and of course that I will stay healthy myself.

I cannot live without my cats , they are like children for me. Especially my old cats, who have done so well at the shows and have given me beautiful kittens all this years. I’m very proud of these cats.

Of course it is unfortunate, especially for my beautiful younger cats that they will not being showed and cannot give me beautiful kittens anymore.

But it is fun for me to have them around me and enjoy them.I want to thank everybody for their trust in me this 40 years And I wish everybody good luck and success in the cat world.

I would like to help you if you have questions or would like to have a new kitten. I have several good friends who breed beautiful cats and are happy to help you.


Thanks to all.


Joke and the Iwanda Persians